Arbor-Turf Services has a basic program of care to help address the needs of your landscape plants. Based on the current condition of your plants, we work with you to determine the level of improvement you’re looking for and adjust the program to fit your needs. In addition, we will make suggestions to help correct any conditions that may be detrimental to the long term health of you plants.


Balanced, time-released blend of fertilizer and micro-nutrients injected directly into the root zone to encourage plant hardiness and vigor, along with helping to improve blooming of flowering trees and shrubs.


These are designed to provide effective management of foliage damaging insects and aid suppression of disease pathogens. Consisting of both preventative and curative control products, these treatments are applied in three separate visits – late spring / early summer, mid-summer and late summer/ early fall. They are applied utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, so that we only treat the plants that need to be treated.


A second application of balanced, time-released fertilizer injected into the root zone. This will aid recovery from summer stresses as well as improve over-wintering of your plants.


The following optional services are offered to supplement the basic program and address any special problems in your landscape. They are priced separately and require customer approval. They Include:

SPRING / FALL DORMANT OIL - Specially prepared horticultural oil designed to provide enhanced control of mites and scale insects.

BED WEED CONTROL - Applied in two or three phases, treatments consist of pre and post emergent products to help reduce most grassy type and broadleaf weeds in plant beds. Used in conjunction with mulch, it can effectively reduce the time needed to hand weed.

ANTI-DESSICANT - Helps provide protection for evergreens to reduce the impact of injury caused by windburn and loss of moisture during winter months.

DEER PROTECTION - Applied in late November and December, this treatment helps to deter deer populations from feeding on landscape plants.

Landscape Plant Care Services - Serving the Greater Worcester, MetroWest and Boston