Residential Landscape Plant Care Service Boston MA



Landscape Plant Care Boston MAYour trees and shrubs represent a valuable investment for your home and property. Without reliable control of insect, disease and then add weather problems your property can be damaged or even destroyed causing a loss of beauty and health of your landscape.

Arbor-Turf provides home owners tree and shrub care to enhance plant appearance by strengthening the health of the plant and allowing it to compete against pests.

Arbor-Turf offers these services to improve or enhance your landscape plants:

Dormant Oil Applied in early spring to prevent over wintering insects from boring into branches, Dormant Oil also prevents the hatching of new insect eggs.

Deep Root Fertilization Two treatments are applied annually, one in late spring thru early summer and one in late fall after deciduous leaf drop. These two treatments provide trees and bushes with the proper balance of nutrients needed to sustain health and proper growth.

Insect and Disease Control There are three applications per growing season targeting insect and disease attacks that harm plant foliage.

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